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Partner Disclaimer
Team Partners are not participants in the business enterprise that owns and/or sponsors America’s Racing Team. Team Partners acquire no ownership interest or similar rights of any kind in connection with America’s Racing Team or ART Motorsport Inc. or any other business entity. Team Partners therefore will not be provided, and are not entitled to, shares of capital stock, partnership interests or membership interests in those entities, or any of the rights or privileges typically associated with such ownership interests. In no event will Team Partner status entitle a Team Partner to (i) any distributions of profits or income, or (ii) management or voting rights of any kind from ART Motorsport Inc. or the Team. Team Partners are recognized supporters of the Team, and ART Motorsport Inc. values the support and advice provided by Team Partners. ART Motorsport Inc. offers several exciting benefits to Team Partners, which are described on www.americasracingteam.com.