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Does becoming a partner make me an owner of the team?
Please review the Partnership Disclaimer.

How do I purchase preferred price tickets?
-You must login into your account to access the Special Offers page. Click on the links for each track to purchase the tickets.

When will these items be shipped to me?
-Shipment is 3-6 weeks after we receive your registration. Stock availability will affect the shipment date. You will receive a confirmation email that you have become a partner with your unique partnership code as soon as you sign up.

Will 100% of my contribution go towards building America’s Racing Team?
-Yes, you fuel the team.

How do I participate in team decisions?
- There is a separate page in the partners section of the website that will allow you to have input on decisions. You will help influence an array of decisions from the driver selection to special paint schemes, and additional benefits that should be added to the team.

Where will the team be headquartered?
-America’s Racing Team will be headquartered in the greater Charlotte area. The best and most talented in the NASCAR industry live in the Charlotte area. It is the only area we would consider running the team. The final location of our shop will be finalized alongside the decision for our technical partnership, but America’s Racing Team will have their own employees.

-Is this the same thing as a “fan car”?
No, this is something completely different. We’ve all seen the fan concept done in the past, in various forms, with limited success. Rather, this is a team starting from scratch that will plan to align with only the best performers in the industry. Our team is not something just for one race, this is to race full-time with the plan to be competing for the Chase within five years. This is something for fans to be a part of and to build in partnership with the ownership group.

Who should I contact to become a Partner?
-You can purchase a partnership online or call 1-877-500-7224.